Deep inside our nation's prisons there's some dark and sordid action taking place...
These inmates are submissive and TOTALLY at the mercy of their sex-crazed and sadistic guards! These are some VERY hardcore movies or great fetish sex....


Segregated from the other inmates, Craig is taken to the Officer's quaters for some backdoor action...does this teacher's pet get extra rations?
These two are stiring some hot sex action in the very dark cold areas of this very special prison. This inmate is privey to some exceptionally SRECIAL treatment!
This prisoner is taught d a lesson by the prison's head warder . Forced to suck and have his ass abused he loves every damn minute!
The prisoners are used as sex toys and do whatever their master guards ask of them! They MUST obey!
This soldier was a bad boy and for that he gets thrashed and disciplined in a variety of positions by his superior officer
There is no time to waste in war, so when 4 guys get trapped in a bunker they make use of their time and start a fuck fest


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